The annual Taranaki Indoor Sheep Dog Trial Championships attracted a record of more than 200 entries.

The event took place in the TSB Stadium at the Egmont A&P Showgrounds in Hawera on July 5-7.

Despite a small attrition rate with bitches coming in season and people wanting to attend Wanganui Centre Secretary Joanne Parkinson's funeral on the Friday, it was still 2-1/2 days of solid competition and long days for judge Andrew Savage from Gisborne.

Wanganui was well represented with Don White from Mataroa, Lindsay Schmidt (Feilding) and Ian Burling (Turakina) making the final run-off on Sunday.


The sheep were a real challenge for man and dog in the run-off for the major prizemoney and, while not ideal, provided some visual entertainment for the crowd who came in for the final.

John Foss (Wairoa) with Gem won the event. Previous winner and now twice runner-up Anna Hardwick-Smith (Eltham) with Rip was the only woman to make the final.

However, in the qualifying rounds Sheena Martin with Troy (Wairoa) was the top woman and Howard Ingles (Hawke's Bay) with Lou was the top man.

The club was pleased with the number of new people to the event, particularly maiden and novice competitors.

The club is in awe of the wonderful support they get from the many sponsors who support the event both from within Taranaki and even as far south as Wanganui.

The event would not be what it is without the many businesses that support it every year.

This year the club donated $3000 to the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter and next year will be supporting St John Hawera.

Open: 1, John Foss & Gem 90.5; 2, Anna Hardwick-Smith & Rip 84; 3, Lindsay Schmidt & Jed 80.5; 4, Bob Berger & Lad 76.5; 5, Ken Lobb & Scott 69; 6, Howard Ingles & Lou 63; 7, Chris Redmond & Watch 60.5; 8, Bob Bruce & Susan 59; 9, Laurie Horsfall & Raid 56.5; 10, Rod Mead & Gem 50; 11, Don White & Gale 46.5; 12, Colin Jay & Tracey 44; 13, Bernard Arends & Parker 35.5; 14, Ian Burling & Goose 10.

Open/maiden: Ian Burling & Goose 96.5.

Open person/Intermediate dog: Lindsay Schmidt & Jed 94.


Intermediate person/Intermediate dog: Katrina Crowe & Scout 86.

Intermediate person/maiden dog: M Kjestrup & Twine 77.5.

Maiden person/maiden dog: Christiane Schmidt & Marley 85.5.

Novice: S Gaitau & Spark 83.