Is anyone missing a bike? David Pate found a stray bicycle in Victoria Ave on May 26 and is looking for its owner.

When Pate headed to The Vic Bar at about 9.30pm on Saturday he passed a bicycle leaning against a post outside the Health 2000 store. It appeared to have a lock and he thought nothing of it.

But when he left at 2am it was still there, and he noticed the lock hadn't been secured.

He feared someone leaving a bar might ride it home, or that somebody might have stolen it and left it there. He took it home himself, and started looking for its owner.


The people at Health 2000 said it wasn't theirs. He put his find out on local social media platforms, without describing it, and had four phone calls - but the bikes those callers had lost didn't match the one he had.

He even rang someone who advertised a lost bicycle in the Chronicle and was offering a $50 reward - but it wasn't his bike either.

Pate won't say what this bicycle is like, except that it's a women's model, without an upper bar, and that it has a mirror on its handlebars. He thinks it may be worth over $1000. If he can't find the owner he may give it to a friend.

"It's in very good condition. It's very nice," he said.

Anyone who thinks the bike is theirs can message Pate on Facebook, or ring or text him on 021 205 8154. He'll want to hear a correct description or see ownership papers.