After 15 years Mae Moke is hanging up her towel at Whanganui's Splash Centre.

Once on the benefit as a solo mum to three kids, Moke who was studying a course at Sport Whanganui, came across a poster in WINZ that caught her attention. The pools were advertising an employment opportunity.

A decade and a half later of being in many different roles from life guard to team leader, Moke says she has loved it.

"It's seeing everyone, the staff and the people that come in every day that I have bonded with, that I'll miss."


Moke says she has seen a few changes over the years with the new development built 11 years ago and a few staff leaving and returning.

Splash Centre manager Dave Campbell says emotions of staff members have been running high today.

"We will really miss her 'Maeisms'. With Mae, what you see is what you get.

"We'll really miss her in the month of June when we get to say, 'You're so last month Mae.' "

Campbell says the staff will be doing something big to celebrate Moke and thank her for her time with them.

Known for coming into the centre even on her days off, Moke says she will still continue to do so even with her new job.

The grandmother of eight is now venturing off to the Whanganui Hospital to be a cleaner with the hopes of stepping up to orderly.