Some exercise, fresh air, and an ace on the back nine is just what the doctor ordered as Wanganui Golf Club's John McMenamin sunk a hole in one at the Belmont Links earlier this month.

A leading local GP, Dr McMenamin landed the ace on the 12th Hole, the Par 3 'French Pass', with a 3 Wood on April 5, as witnessed by his two playing partners.

"Crafted a beautiful shot that drew nicely, and rolled towards the hole at the back of the green, which is where we lost sight of it," said McMenamin.

As is common for these types of stories, no club golfer has the ego to check the cup first, as it was only after searching the rough around the green that McMenamin and his partner's went to the hole to find the magic ball.


As it was a quiet afternoon round, McMenamin held his celebration at the following Thursday golf day, where "traditions were followed" regarding shouting at the bar.

"The course is actually playing extremely well at the moment, just at the cusp of the start of the season," he said.

"The green's are in immaculate condition, which I certainly think helped."

Currently on an 11 handicap, McMenamin has been a weekly golfer for the past 40 years, getting out regularly on a Thursday to "maintain my psychological wellbeing" for his work as a GP.

Exercise and social time with friends is part of any healthy lifestyle.

"I'm just practicing what I preach."

It is the good doctor's second hole in one in his playing career, having sunk an ace on the 2nd Hole at Wanganui Golf Club with a 7 Iron in October, 2005.

McMenamin's latest hole in one was the second at the Belmont Links this year, and either the sixth or seventh in the wider Whanganui region – if Castlecliff golfer Ken Read's ace on a smaller temporary twilight golf hole in March is included.