A Whanganui man contravened a protection order when he went to the address of his victim and smashed the glass door of a garden shed.

Michael Hamilton committed the offending soon after he had been sentenced to supervision for threatening to kill the same victim.

Hamilton pleaded guilty to contravening a protection order and doing wilful damage. He appeared for sentencing in Whanganui District Court on Monday.

Judge Philip Crayton said the offending occurred on November 23 when Hamilton entered the victim's home and was acting unreasonably.


"You were asked to leave, but you refused and you picked up her car keys and put them in your pocket," Judge Crayton said.

Hamilton then entered a garden shed as if he was looking for something and began banging on the door, which was closed, as the complainant recorded him.

"You smashed one of the panes in the back door. You went into the house, the 18-month-old daughter was there and there was broken glass about."

Hamilton continually followed his victim despite being asked to leave and to return her keys.

Eventually the complainant called police and Hamilton was arrested.

Judge Crayton said Hamilton had little excuse for taking her keys.

"For those of us that sit in the criminal court it is quite frequently encountered. It is unsettling and is designed to reflect taking control," the judge said.

"There's no reason for me not to think that this is the way that I should approach this.

"You are not yet at a point of taking full responsibility for your actions."

Judge Crayton sentenced Hamilton to seven months' imprisonment and 12 months' intensive supervision.

He also ordered Hamilton to pay $100 reparation for the damage to the door.