Afraid the kids are going to drive you up the wall these summer holidays?

Don't fret, you have options and one comes in the form of the YMCA Summer Break.

The holiday programme is free for people aged between 11 and 18, who can visit YMCA Central on Grey St to register.

Youth work co-ordinator at YMCA Central Tony Sundman began organising the programme last year.


"It's been interesting to organise, last year it was action-packed and good fun. It was hot last summer and hopefully it will be again this time around," Sundman said.

"This year is a lot more varied and will be more exciting."

The programme can accept up to 80 participants and activities include FootGolf, walking, swimming, baking, pottery, athletics and laser tag.

It runs December 17-21, with a break over Christmas, then from January 7-25.

Sundman said it was a good opportunity for young people to try new things.

"It's good for them socially, it's good for their health and good to get away from gaming and things like that.

"We just want to keep young people occupied over the holidays and it's nice to have something for free, so it's not expensive for families."