The cost of leaving waste at Whanganui's Liffiton St Waste Transfer Station is too high and can be unpredictable, people are saying on Facebook.

The story about fees got a lot of comments. The comments appear to show a variability in prices, perhaps according to "who's on", Brian Tidey said.

Lesh Tak was charged $45 for "a few things in a car". Tessa Tyler paid $70 for a trailer load, and Amy Osborne's parents $80 for a half full trailer. Mark Sammons said a trailer can cost more than $100.

Many said it was no wonder rubbish got dumped in public places. Jeff Mitchell suggested a boycott, and Tina Tweeddale said leave it on the kerbside.


"WDC will soon get the message when rubbish is stacked along our streets."

Scott Maranzano said Palmerston North was just as expensive, but Alister McFarland said rubbish disposal should be paid for through rates.

Whanganui District Council waste minimisation working party chairman Rob Vinsen has said the transfer station should charge by weight, since it weighs each vehicle as it enters and leaves, and commenter Victoria Zangel agrees with that.

"Most other refuse stations charge by weight."

Frances Puketapu said high prices could be the result of Waste Management being in Chinese ownership, and Brent Hackett said the company had a monopoly, which left people helpless.

The whole system needs a review, Gail Imhoff said, and Vinsen agrees. The council's waste survey could feed information into that review.