Once when the Royal Wanganui Opera House hosted Russian ballet dancers they misplaced two of them.

It is a story that long-serving manager John Richardson shared with the Chronicle when he retired from the role in 2016.

"We took dancers from the Russian Ballet to Wellington on a bus so they could catch an early flight," he said.

"When we got to Wellington two of the dancers decided to abscond.


"We don't know too much of what happened, they couldn't be found. Just vanished."

It is unlikely, however that opera house staff will be charged with transporting any members of the Imperial Russian Ballet Company when they perform in Whanganui next month.

The company is touring New Zealand for the first time with A Russian Triple Bill which has received rave reviews from their Australian tour.

The three-act programme includes Sleeping Beauty featuring the wedding of Princess Aurora and Prince Desire.

Act two is Les Sylphides - A short ballet in one act about a man who encounters a group of sylphs (mythological spirit women) during a moonlight stroll.

Act three is Carmen - the story of the seductive gypsy whose love affairs end in tragedy.

The Imperial Russian Ballet Company was formed in 1994 by Bolshoi Theatre soloist Gediminas Taranda.

Said to combine the unity and integrity of the great Russian ballet school where traditions are passed on through generations.

Their stage repertoire is based on the combination of classical masterpieces and modern choreographic pieces.

The home venue for the troupe of 40 dancers is the Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre in Moscow.

A Russian Triple Bill: Royal Wanganui Opera House, Tuesday, November 20 at 7pm. Book at Royal Wanganui Opera House or online at seatadvisor.com