Sarah Williams says Space Studio & Gallery is delighted to report that the recent Winter Wonderfest raised $926 for Whanganui Women's Network.

What makes the news even better, she says is that people thoroughly enjoyed the 2018 events and she joins the Women's Network Trust Board in thanking everyone who gave their time and energy to the festival.

Williams said special thanks goes to Leonie Matoe, Ora Hohaia, Juliet McLean and Renee Millner for providing great live music and cheese maker Sue Jex of Faisons du Fromage who provided excellent cheese and yoghurt making sessions.

"We thank the artists and patrons from the Winter Wonderfest group show, A Fresh Start who donated 10 per cent of artwork sales to the fundraising effort and to sponsors Liquid Edge, H&A Print and MoreFM for their support."


Williams will not be resting on her laurels now that Spring has arrived and she has a new, exciting fundraising event planned.

The 24-Hour Art Jam, scheduled to open at 10am on Saturday, October 13 and close at 10am the following day, promises non-stop art activities based at the Taupo Quay gallery and studios with live streams and videos of happenings elsewhere in town.

"The night markets here have been so successful that I think Whanganui people will support a 24-hour event."

The programme will include an exhibition of Mike Marsh's work, printmaking with Graham Hall, collaborative painting with Dan Mills and live music from local and visiting artists as well as local DJ selections.

There will be face painting and art workshops for children included in the fun and on Sunday night there will be an auction of all the art produced during the Art Jam.

"Sarah always comes up with fantastic ideas for fundraising," said Women's network chairwoman Christina Emery.

"I believe a 24-hour art event like this is a first for Whanganui and may even be a first for New Zealand."

Williams said she wants to thank Whanganui District Council for agreeing to support the event and a full programme will be available soon.