Thoughtful Thursdays is a new documentary film series screening every week at Confluence's boutique theatre in Whanganui.

Confluence is a social enterprise co-working space run by Double Farley partners Kevin Double and Melita Farley who also produce documentary films.

Double says people often travel out of Whanganui to see documentaries at festivals or theatres in other areas.

"We recognised there was a demand for films that engage an audience rather than just entertain an audience," Double said.


"We have screened documentaries occasionally over the year but it's better if people know they will be screened every Thursday.

"We want to provide thought-provoking films on a regular basis at a price that's affordable but recognising that there's a fair price to pay to screen these films. It's hundreds of dollars for each film per screening.

"In the context of what's available in Whanganui, we're not looking to be in direct competition with other film outlets. We support and encourage Embassy 3 and the Whanganui Film Society."

Double said they hoped Thoughtful Thursdays would develop into "a little group of interesting people to be part of".

"The value for a documentary is the audience, watching with a group of people. We encourage people to hang around and have discussions afterwards or go down the road for a drink and keep talking.

"The value is being able to share the big screen experience with people rather than watching Netflix on small screens in isolation. You can laugh and cry together if the films bring those emotions on."

Thoughtful Thursdays started on August 23 with Plastic China, a challenging insight into China's backyard industries that process recycled plastics.

Accidental Anarchist makes a return to Whanganui on Thursday, August 30. Last year's planned screening was canned as it was on the same night as the general election. Double describes it as a thoughtful film that is relevant in terms of current American politics and ends with an uplifting reflection on what people can achieve without government intervention.


Double Farley's own award-winning production Set in Stone, which premiered at the DocEdge film festival in 2017, is scheduled for September 6. The story follows the restoration of war hero Herewini Whakarua's statue at Pakaitore and has previously screened in Whanganui. However, this version is a director's cut, with part of the original narration restored and some newly-released archive images of the Māori contingent.

In the Same Boat screens on September 13. It looks at the effects of globalisation and offers solutions, giving proactive ideas about how the future could look from a human perspective. People from around the world share their views on work, happiness, the environment and the economy.

A Home In This World, an independent production by director Juanita Deely with producers Double Farley, was selected for DocEdge 2018. This will be its first screening outside a festival. It is the story of writer and former Wanganui Chronicle journalist Robin Hyde (Iris Wilkinson), told in the voice of her illegitimate son who is now in his late 80s.

"He is still alive and he's a wonderful character," Double said.

"We believe he was conceived in Whanganui during Robin Hyde's relationship with a married man. She disappeared to have the baby and then spent hardly any time with the baby because it would harm her career.

"Her son makes some emotional reveals in the film which are unique. We were chuffed it was selected for DocEdge this year."

Double Farley is open to suggestions of documentary films people want to see.

"We're also looking at repeating films that are popular because there's always something else great happening in Whanganui and people can't always get to films they want to see."

There are door sales at Confluence in Watt St from 6.15pm on Thursdays but Double encourages people to book online at where they can also select their own seat from a range of options. Screenings start at 6.30pm.

The Thursday screenings will be regular up until Christmas and Double Farley will then decide whether to continue next year.