Improving financial know-how for preschoolers, teenagers and seniors is the focus of the Bank of New Zealand's ninth annual Closed for Good day.

BNZ banks and offices will close on Wednesday, August 8, for the annual staff volunteering day and BNZ is keen to hear from organisations in the Whanganui area who would like some help.

"This year we're building interactive tools to help communities be good with money, using scenarios and language relevant to them," BNZ chief executive Angie Mentis said.

"For some it's the basics of helping them understand how choices drive outcomes and for others it's about offering a safe place to practise the skills you need to be safe online."


An interactive storybook about Penny the Penguin will help children in kindergartens and pre-schools make the right choices between essential supplies and optional treats.

For teenagers, BNZ has developed My Moni, an app which lets them select an avatar and trial scenarios based on choices immediately in front of them, like buying a car or getting a job to help them prepare for financial independence.

BNZ's Scam Savvy programme teaches seniors to spot and avoid scams, and an internet banking demo gives them the chance to learn and practise how to use internet banking.

Community groups, schools and institutions that work with or support children, teenagers and senior citizens can register at The deadline to sign up is July 6.