The Koha Shed tried something new over the weekend, opening a pop-up shop in the Whanganui East School hall to sell used goods as a fundraiser.

A school might not sound like the first-choice location for a pop-up shop, but board member Tracy Hutchins came up with the idea when finding an actual shop in Whanganui proved difficult because of a lack of availability.

The Koha Shed founder Sherron Sunnex said Saturday had been a success and they were open for business on Sunday, too.

"It went very good for a new fundraising concept, we had maybe 60 people come through between 10 and 3 yesterday," she said.


"We made a good amount of money, just over $600."

Sunnex and team are raising the money because they have a lot of maintenance to do on their Duncan St building to keep it up to lease standards.

Being sold in the pop-up shop were beautiful ball gowns, leather wear and vintage/retro clothing.

"A woman bought for her own personal wear a beautiful beaded dress and another bought some very retro shoes that they tried on in our little changing room by the toilets there.

"My favourite item remaining is a long white fur coat, I thought that would have gone yesterday."

In two weeks The Koha Shed will have a garage sale, weather permitting and on July 21 it will host The Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Tickets for the party are available now, cost $15, which includes refreshments and a raffle ticket for a wine and glasses prize or a dessert prize.

There will also be spot prizes for most unique hat and a mystery guest will visit - along with the Queen of Hearts, Alice and The Mad Hatter himself.