The forecast was for rain but Whanganui turned on dry and mild weather for the World Wanganui Collegiate School World Vision Colour Dash on Sunday.

Photographer Bevan Conley went along and caught the colourful action in photos and on video.

There were 150 participants in the 4-kilometre fun run and "bombers" were waiting to dowse them in coloured cornstarch along the way.

Organiser Ethan Gillespie said he had hoped to see more people participating but was very pleased with the efforts of the entrants.


The open-age event included runners, walkers and one participant in a wheelchair who completed the course which ran from Kowhai Park to Whanganui i-Site.

The Colour Dash, organised by 17-year-old Gillespie and a group of his fellow Wanganui Collegiate School students, was an additional fundraiser to boost proceeds raised from the World Vision as the 40 Hour Famine earlier this month.

Participants paid $21.97 per adult, $15 for students under 18 and $10 for children under 12 to enter the fun.

Gillespie said the money raised will go towards supporting hundreds of at-risk children cross who are crossing the border from South Sudan into Uganda seeking safety.

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