It comes as no surprise to see the Lisa Cole kennel dominating this evening's $45,420 New Zealand Breeders' Stakes final at Hatrick.

Cole will provide six of the contenders for this Group 1 event after training the winners of both 520m heats last week.

Her kennel star Bigtime Paddy slipped through his heat assignment in 30.11s.

Again, he used his searing mid-race pace, which enabled him to comfortably score the win by a 4.5 length margin.


However, he has been presented with a challenge for the final, having been allocated trap eight to exit from.

"Yes, that has made it trickier for him although if he can get to the first turn handy to the pace, then I would expect Paddy to win it," said partner Brendon Cole.

After racing in the midfield Bigtime Levi stormed home late to snatch his heat win in 30.25s.

"He isn't really suited to trap one, but in saying that Bigtime Wendle may give him enough early pace which will allow him to push forward," stated Cole.

A potential early tangle up could occur as Bigtime Wendle (trap two), who prefers to race in the middle of the track, has to miss her kennelmate No Time Toulouse (trap three) who displays hard railing tendencies.

"The worry is that they may collide which can lead to a fair amount of jostling," said Cole, before moving onto the other two kennel runners.

"Bigtime Lilly and Bigtime Tears both have the ability to get handy to the early pace. All six of our greyhounds are spot on for the final."

That brings us to the two 'outside' finalists.

Marcie Flipp produced her usual slow starter Idol Tom to deliver a strong finish for his recent NZ Futurity final second at this venue.

He is a normal slow starter, then he relies on his power packed finish to feature at the business end, as seen when he claimed his 5.5 length heat third behind Bigtime Paddy.

"I gave him a week off after his recent Christchurch races so I expect him to have benefited from his heat run. He has trained on great during the week," said Flipp.

Brian Marsh is the Wanganui GRC President and he will load away his charge Tyson's Quest into the five trap after his bold two length heat fourth to Bigtime Levi.

"Hopefully he can get himself into an early handy rails position.

He can run his last two sectionals quickly and I expect him to be an improved dog for the final after he missed a lead up race," Marsh said.