Staff arriving at work at a central Whanganui cafe were greeted by smashed windows yesterday after a man who police are seeking went on an angry spree.

Kelly Blinkhorne, of Mischief on Guyton, said one of her staff rang at 6.30am yesterday to say the huge main window and a smaller one in the Guyton St cafe had been smashed.

"It was a pretty horrendous sight to come in to at 6.30am," Blinkhorne said.

"I raced in to work and called the police. I rang my insurer Mark Stoneman and Central Glass emergency service straight away and they've been really great.


"The main window is huge - that is thousands of dollars of damage. The smaller window shattered but the glass didn't fall through. We got it cleaned up as quickly as possible so we could get back to business."

Blinkhorne was thankful they did not have more than smashed windows to deal with.

"They didn't secure it so the smashed window was left open all night. It's lucky no one came in through it."

A police spokeswoman said Whanganui Police received several reports about 11pm on Wednesday of a male acting aggressively and smashing bottles on Guyton St.

"It's understood the male had been at a bar in the area," the spokeswoman said.

"One report to police suggests the male threw a bottle at a parked car."

Police attended and found at least two Guyton St premises' windows had been broken, she said.

The man was not located and any information about his identity can be reported to Whanganui Police on 349 0600.

An empty shop on Guyton St had its window smashed.
An empty shop on Guyton St had its window smashed.