One of Whanganui's main suppliers of firewood says she can't meet an increasing demand for wood as winter kicks into gear.

Amber Davis, the owner of a firewood company in Wanganui East, said she was turning customers away because she was out of good, dry wood.

"To be honest I think this season's gotten colder quicker.

"I've already sold out of all my dry and normally I don't sell out until maybe the end of this month."


Davis said autumn appeared to have been a lot colder this year.

"A lot of my customers are ringing up wanting a top up so they've already burnt what they would have had for winter and autumn."

She said she did have wood - but it was a mixture of green wood and 'rain wet' wood.

That meant it was dry but after being stored outside it had soaked up rain from recent downpours.

"I'm just telling customers 'no, look I've got nothing' because I don't want to sell them wood that I know will not burn.

"A lot of people make the mistake of putting wet wood straight into a shed especially pine. It's not going to dry out in a shed. It's just going to hold its moisture.

"It needs wind, it needs sun and they ring me up in a couple of weeks saying 'hey that wood's not burning' and it's because they've stuck it straight in the shed because it's wet."

Her advice was to stock up on wood as early as spring when it was green.


One of the other main providers in Whanganui was Eastside Firewood, also in Whanganui East.

A staff member there, Cherie Cromarty, said demand for firewood was intense.

"We are flat out. We can do up to 20 deliveries a day ... four, six, we've done a seven cube delivery."

But stock wasn't so much an issue for Eastside FIrewood as Cromarty said the company had a large supply.

"We have a big warehouse full of wood ... we've got heaps of different kinds. It ranges from kiln-dried starter wood to phebalium which is a hard wood."