Kate St Amand has participated in a number of summer schools with Whanganui's master printer Marty Vreede and loves making woodcut prints.

She has amassed a sizeable body of work in readiness for an exhibition at the Whanganui Community Arts Centre next week.

"I'm very excited to be exhibiting this work," says St Amand.

"I usually make just one print from each block but I have sold a couple of favourites so I've made second prints of those."


St Amand also paints and explores other mediums but says this exhibition will be solely devoted to her woodcut work.

"My subjects are extremely varied and I get my inspiration from things I see around me - from stories, photos - anywhere really."

St Amand has been making her prints at Pakohe Papers, Marty and Marilyn Vreede's flax paper-making business in the Tupoho complex.

"I'm very grateful for the workspace and Marty's encouragement," she says.

The artist says she discovered art as a wonderful escape while working as a nurse and, since retirement, she says it has become her "solace".

"I really enjoy exhibiting my work too. It's a really nice way to meet people and the arts centre gallery is a wonderful space."

Kate St Amand's exhibition of woodblock prints opens on Monday. The exhibition will be open for viewing at 19 Taupo Quay, 10am to 4pm every day but Sunday.