It's Valentine's Day tomorrow, so the Chronicle checked out how romance was faring in the River City.

More people are choosing to celebrate Valentine's Day, according to The Warehouse.

"We find Valentine's Day increases in popularity every year," general merchandise manager at The Warehouse Jenny Epke said.

"Some of the top Valentine's gifts include fragrances, chocolates and flowers," Ms Epke said.


Sleepwear, underwear, jewellery and books are also popular choices.

"We've also seen an increase in tech gifts, for those who want to spend a bit more but don't want to go down the jewellery route," Ms Epke said.

The Warehouse's top picks for this Valentine's Day are the Vera Wang fragrance, promise rings and their red roses.

Down the road at Michael Hill Jeweller, lovestruck men have already started trickling in to buy gifts for their loved ones.

Senior sales consultant at Michael Hill Whanganui Leigh Mana said the store is running a special giveaway this Valentine's Day.

"What we're doing is in our window - we've got a bunch of red roses and under the red roses it says "Go in the draw for a $100 dinner voucher for Mint cafe and bar when you spend $300 or more," Mana said.

The winner will be drawn on Valentine's Day before 3pm, allowing plenty of time for the winner to arrange their dinner for Valentine's night.

"We've sold a few engagement rings so the men are quite stoked for the draw because they want to propose on that day or whatever," Mana said.

"It always gets busy on the day and the day before. So I would say Tuesday and Wednesday would be busy because those will be the days all the guys remember."

However, if you're struggling for gift ideas, never fear. Don't cave and buy a bunch of service station flowers - we have put together a list of other special ways you and your partner can celebrate.

Book your very own glamping tentsite at the Whanganui River Top 10 Holiday Park.
The tents come with their very own bar fridge, and are decked out with all the mod cons, proper bedding and romantic fairy lights. Cook dinner on your own private BBQ and enjoy a few drinks with your loved one.

Platter and wine at the Botanic Gardens
Order a Pitter Platter and take your partner on a romantic date to the Botanic Gardens or Lake Wiritoa.

Watch the sunset at the beach
Take a rug and fish and chips and watch the sunset at Kai Iwi Beach.

Horse trek
Take your loved one on a horse trek along the banks of the Whanganui River.

Disclaimer: All of the above options can also be enjoyed alone.

Celebrating love this Valentine's Day with San Valentino by Lorenzo Buhne.