It starts off with a close shave but after a quick snip it'll be done and dusted for some of Whanganui's male cat population this Sunday.

First Vets in Glasgow St is offering to neuter male cats for $20 - a quarter of the normal price - but with numbers limited owners will have to register their pets with the clinic no later than today.

Nicola King, a vet and director of First Vets, said the offer was not replacing any SPCA campaign but was simply a service to the community with staff at the clinic donating their time and expertise.

Ms King said there were important requirements owners would need to consider.


"The male cat has to weigh more than 2kg but that shouldn't be an issue as the average tom weighs about 5kg. All we ask is you bring your cat in a secure cage with its own blanket," she said.

The operation itself only takes about five minutes but with preparatory work, a general anaesthetic and shaving the animal, it will take about 20 minutes.

People wanting to register need to phone 281 3157 during business hours.