Puppies make you LOL

, TV2 (laugh out loud) is a total winner for after-dinner viewing.

It's designed for all the family including the family pets if they're keen box watchers.

Guaranteed to make you laugh, a sure fire relaxer with no suspect footage like R18 sneaky stuff, no bad language at all.

It's clean, wholesome fare for everyone.


A rare breed indeed.

I am sure parents were saying three hearty British cheers and breathing sighs of relief when they saw it listed.

There was so much to enjoy in this programme from a pup singing ... well howling from the back seat of the car to a special pop song ... no other song just that particular one. As the first few notes sounded his little head raised mouth opened in a perfect OHHH and away he went.

The owners in this show were that proud of their puppy progeny you would think they had actually given birth to the little blighters.

I have to say I was thrilled to bits with one smart pup who was desperate to retrieve his ball from the swimming pool.

Well no fleas on him as he stepped across into a plastic floaty toy barge then sat while the toy carried him to the ball and he neatly snaffled the ball from the water, floated back and jumped out ... all in a day's work.

And the angst these pups went through to climb down or clamber up stairs was wonderful to watch simply because their little brains were racing to sort it out.

That phrase you could see them thinking was so true.


You could see the little cogs going round.

There were clips of over-excited pups, pilfering pups and a pup that toppled over and fell asleep in his dinner bowl

And those little pups that froze at the sight of household things like a door stopper, completely innocuous but had this pup in a frenzy of fear.

But when a pup came to shuddering halt beside the behind of the cat that had broken wind, that was hysterical.

I'm not usually one who loves bodily function jokes but this was a right pearler.

Gorgeous programme. Great for everyone.