Retired veterinarian Jenny Kerslake has set her sewing machine up again as a
retirement hobby and this time she's making funky denim bags.

When she first saw a similar type of bag at a market she decided to give it a go.

"I've always loved sewing and thought denim decorated bags would be fun."

Her creative juices flowed as she used the top part of a pair of jeans for the bag, then placed the trimmings using everything from lace to buttons, embroidered braid and ribbons.


"I used everything I could find to make the bag fun.''

Jenny was a large animal vet first in Inglewood, then Patea.

"I saw small animals as well but I dealt with mostly large animals.''

Her bags are loved by the family members she has gifted them to.

But she was blown away when the local arts gallery asked if she would make a Christmas themed decorated bag for its Christmas exhibition.

"It's very funny to see my bag on display in the gallery. I mean I don't think of it as art, it's all great fun to me.''

Jenny's bags are also on regular display at the Red Rocks Cafe in Patea.

"It's a great place for them to be displayed and a few have been sold, and making more.''

With her sewing room filled with "stuff" to sew on to her bags, Jenny has even collected small shells for bag ornaments.

"My bags are not just for little girls. Grown-up girls love them too.''

Creating girly bags was a far cry from being a vet, she laughs.

"I loved my time as vet and now I'm enjoying my retirement. It's good to have the time to make things at whim. I'm very happy my bags are enjoyed.''