Three clubs are banding together to beef up security after a spate of car break-ins in one month.

Six cars have been broken into while members of Dance Whanganui and Ceroc Dance Whanganui have been parked outside the hall they use at the Laird Park Bowling Club complex.

That parking is off the street but one other car parked on the road has also been broken into.

"People come along to us to to enjoy themselves," Ceroc Dance Whanganui's Liz Frith said.


"Last Saturday we had a dance party and we'd had a fabulous night but we came out to find we'd had two cars broken into."

The break-ins have resulted in smashed windows and minor items stolen, and the dance clubs have been forced to have people on patrol in the carpark during club nights.

Now two dance clubs and Laird Park Bowling Club are teaming up for a fundraiser so they can install security cameras in the area to act as a deterrent.

On Sunday all three clubs will be offering lessons and a sausage sizzle for a $10 entry fee.

The event will run from 12pm to 4pm and was open to the public.

"It's just going to be an open day, a fun day. It's a community event," Mrs Frith said.

She said the cameras would benefit the clubs and the whole neighbourhood.

"We're thankful to the police for being able to do what they can but really it's up to the community to be vigilant."

She didn't know what was behind the spate of break-ins.

The club had been operating for more than a year without incident until this past month.

"We don't know if they're working in groups or what's happening."