The works on show at Edith Gallery in Taupo Quay are the result of 10 weeks' work by UCOL art and design students.

Lecturers Kathryn Wightman and Leigh Anderton-Hall gave their students a brief to design and construct their own "drawing machines".

The drawings created by the machines have been used as points of origin to form paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, posters, etc.

Eva Harkness used a metal tape measure to create her machine and Kristine Lott fashioned hers from a wind-up triceratops with a paint brush attached.


Dr Wightman said the first-year bachelor students had all shown great design abilities and independently explored a wide range of ideas and techniques.

Each student was required to experiment with three machine ideas and part of the brief was to give a five-minute presentation on their successes and failures.

Machines That Make Marks is on show at the Edith Gallery, 24 Taupo Quay, 10am-3pm week days.