Still undecided how you will vote in the September 23 general election?

Not sure where you stand amid the cut-and-thrust of a vigorous and exciting election campaign?

Well, you're not alone - current polling has the mighty Undecideds as a potentially potent force whose votes could decide the direction of the country, and maybe of Whanganui.

So the Chronicle candidates forum tomorrow evening is the ideal opportunity to work out if you are in the mood for change or more steady as she goes.


The five candidates asking to be Whanganui's next MP, and the four seeking to represent the Maori seat of Te Tai Hauauru, which takes in Whanganui, will be telling you why you should tick their box.

Perhaps, more importantly, they will also be quizzed on their ideas, policies and what they have to offer Whanganui.

The forum is at the Whanganui War Memorial Centre with a 6pm start, and it is a chance to see democracy in action.

We have already had plenty of probing questions submitted by readers, and the evening allows for plenty of time for questions from the audience.

Everyone is welcome to take this opportunity to come along, listen, raise issues and see what works for them - and to see just where the candidates stand.

See you there.