A Wanganui Chronicle reader poll has revealed a big lead for Labour's Steph Lewis as preferred Member of Parliament for the Whanganui electorate.

The online poll was run over the past two weeks and 617 readers responded.

Most indicated a preference for Ms Lewis as MP with 52 per cent support.

National's Harete Hipango ran second with 37 per cent. The Greens Nicola Patrick attracted 9 per cent and ACT's Alan Davidson two per cent.


The poll asked readers to choose the candidate they intended to vote for at the September 23 general election.

It did not claim to predict who will win the Whanganui seat, only an indication of what respondents might be thinking currently.

The Whanganui electorate is held by National. MP Chester Borrows will stand down in September and Ms Hipango is standing for National instead, meaning the electorate will have a change of MP.

Ms Lewis said the poll result was encouraging.

"I've said right from the start this is a winnable seat for Labour and the poll result supports that," Ms Lewis said.

"But I know we have six weeks to go until the election and I'm not going to to stop working - I know there's still a lot more work out there to do.

"I will keep going out there and talking about what Labour can do do for our community."

Ms Patrick said the polls showed that National may not be as comfortable as it's 4000-vote majority in 2014 might suggest.


"Steph is showing her strengths as a young passionate option for Whanganui, and complimented with a party vote Green, this could be a very interesting election and result," Ms Patrick said.

Ms Hipango said the only relevant poll is on election day.

"I've worked hard in Whanganui for 30 years helping people from hardship and all walks of life and shall continue to. I encourage people to look beyond party colours once cast the party vote and reflect on who truly will best represent Whanganui's interests as the candidate.

"I have and will always work hard for what is best for Whanganui and to represent Whanganui. Finally I also note that the last time the Chronicle polled me the Chronicle got it wrong."

Another poll will be run closer to election day.

Poll for Whanganui 2017 Election results.
Poll for Whanganui 2017 Election results.

Results (617 votes): Alan Davidson 12 (2 per cent), Harete Hipango 228 (37 per cent), Steph Lewis 320 (52 per cent), Nicola Patrick 55 (9 per cent).