A fabulous variety show with all the whistles and bells is on stage tonight at the Patea Area School hall.

The lights, the action, the music, involving all 170 students at the school, showcases great talent and beautiful young people.

The show-stopping acts are part of the school's curriculum, it's what these kids do.

At the helm is principal Nicole Ngarewa, an inspired and hands-on leader, who with her teachers has pulled together this special show for the town, the parents, grandparents and everyone who cares about the school and its students.


All the features of this are arranged around the what students are doing for their school curriculum with some being examined for an NCEA credit.

On Monday was first big technical rehearsal with a computer tech specialist from New Plymouth leading the team of students running the lights, music and special effects.

I was in a front row with all the students waiting their turn and visiting students from Waverley School as well.

Each teacher had worked a routine with their class with the theme of time and the future for the show and there were exceptional and original acts from these students.

Mrs Ngarewa said the show was for the town.

"For everyone who cares about our children and our school.''

Among the items performed on a long catwalk as well as the stage were three teams of boys who studied hard tech and had built three wooden boats, a canoe, a dinghy and a waka.

The boys carried the boats cradled between three of them up and down the catwalk to huge applause, flashing lights and stirring rock music.


Small students rocked it to Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show with every move sharp and in time.

The tiny infants class performed their version from the musical the Lion King I just can't wait to be King and didn't miss a beat.

Tonight is the finale.

"We know we're going to amaze everyone,'' Mrs Ngarewa said.