Pink Shirt Day was celebrated enthusiastically in Whanganui on Friday, with schools and organisations turning out in pink.

The day is a global event aimed at combating bullying which began in Canada in 2007 when two students took a stand against homophobia after a classmate was picked on for wearing a pink shirt.

Staff and students of Whanganui Intermediate presented a sea of sparkly pink at their school assembly on Friday afternoon.

There were pink skirts and shirts, pink wigs and hats, pink onesies and bandannas - and even pink hair dye.


Teacher Mike Wallace, who organised the celebration, said there had been a full day of events to raise awareness of bullying.

"This year our motto was 'bulldoze bullying' so we had bulldozers and concrete mixers - all pink - visit the school," he said.

"There was a Jump For Cash event, and a staff high tea where everything was pink."

In the afternoon there was a pink fashion parade.

"The kids really enjoy it. As you can see, every single kid here has managed to wear something pink."

Mr Wallace said the school took bullying very seriously, and participated in an anti-bullying programme.