Once a 17 year old teen mum, Josie Gray is now a local entrepreneur helping other businesses grow.

In October 2016 Mrs Gray launched Integrated Limited with a focus on supporting corporates in Whanganui.

The 33 year old, born in Wellington, says there is plenty of potential businesses worth fostering in Whanganui.

"I help people set up policies and procedures to help sustain their business."


Advancing digitally is a primary component to moving forward and there are four main areas her company helps achieve that.

"Desktop publishing, website building, photo publishing and administration assistance are all services we offer."

Currently Mrs Gray employs four contractors specialising in each of the above areas.

Mrs Gray assists in all areas but her own emphasis and experience is on administration consultancy.

Moving to Whanganui three years ago with her husband and three children, aged 15, 11 and 10, Mrs Gray immediately started working for Training for You (T4U) as a administration consultant.

She continues to work for T4U part time to support her own start up.

The biggest stimulator she advocates is encouraging people to "find their drive".

Once people can identify their "drive" business growth becomes much easier, she says.

"I advise people before they approach me to do some research and figure out what's needed.

"You know your business best so it's important to ask lots of questions"

While most of her work is completed through correspondence, Mrs Gray is excited to be leasing a building on Dublin street. She is hoping to have the site fully furnished within the next two months.

Looking into the future Mrs Gray says she wants to extend her business to helping unemployed individuals succeed and work with other organisations like Work and Income.