A group of sleek and shining Jaguar cars attracted attention on the riverside on Sunday.

They belonged to the Bay of Plenty Jaguar Drivers' Club. The club is touring the southern North Island.

On Sunday morning members were out on the river for a two-hour cruise on the MV Wairua. They parked up on the grass beside the Riverboat Centre, to let others have a look, and Whanganui Jaguar owners added their own cars.

Brian and Jan Algar came down to see them.


"Brian, of course, is a petrolhead. He loves cars," his wife said.

Whanganui's Eddie Bleakley brought his own red Jaguar to add to the display. He said it was bought 30 years ago, and at that time was the only family car.

These days it's only used for Sunday drives and special occasions; and it has provided transport at a lot of weddings.

"It's lovely to see lovely cars. They're all sleek and beautiful," his wife Heather Bellamy said.

She loves the smell of the leather seats when they go out in their Jag.

"It's like riding in an armchair," she said.