The power poles in Whanganui are not in danger of falling down says the regional power provider.

Last nights' episode of Story revealed that Otago power provider Delta's wooden power line's were dangerously decayed, with 90 percent of the poles in need of replacement.

But Powerco spokeswoman Krysti Wetton says Whanganui's power pole network doesn't have the same problems.
"Most of our poles are concrete so the issue down south was to do with wooden poles, so it's not really such a big issue for us."

She says 85 percent of Powerco's poles are concrete, and while approximately 39,750 are wood, they are checked regularly.
"Every pole is inspected at least once every five years, with more than 55,000 checked in the last twelve months."


Powerco is New Zealand's second largest electricity distribution company with over 265,000 power poles on its network.