Whanganui people can expect sirens in their street on Thursday evening.

They give warning that Rotarians, students and other volunteers are coming by to pick up donations for Whanganui City Mission's Foodbank.

The sirens should start about 6pm, during a warning pass down each street. People are then asked to bring out their donations and leave them by their letterbox.

The vehicle's second pass at walking pace will pick up the donations.


Suitable donations include canned food, toiletries, packaged food, laundry items and non-perishable fruit and vegetables.

The food will be needed for distribution to people who are going without during the Christmas and New Year period. Last year the City Mission gave out 1350 food parcels.

People who are away can leave their donation with a neighbour. Anyone who is missed can ring 345 2139 to get their donation picked up.