The Bulls Information Centre won't be handed over to its buyer until the town's new multi-purpose civic centre is up and running.

About 20 Bulls residents turned up to the information centre yesterday to protest the Rangitikei District Council's intention to put it on the market.

The council intends to sell the site to help pay for a the new civic centre which will include the town's library, information centre and town hall.

The residents were happy with the sale but not until all services had been transferred to the new site.


But mayor Andy Watson said that was never the case and any sale of the information centre would carry a provision that it would not be handed over to its new owners until the new civic centre was up and running.

Mr Watson said the dispute could have been resolved over a phone call but turned up to Bulls yesterday morning to address the residents concerns in person.

"We will market the property, absolutely, with all the safeguards in place," he told the residents.

"This will not happen unless we are able to open the facility on the other side of the road.

"I accept the communication with the people of Bulls probably wasn't fantastic in this case.

"(But) we are doing what the community has wanted us to do as per the long term plan."

Bulls ward councillors Tim Harris and Rebecca McNeil were also present.

"We're telling you the facts," Mr Harris said. "So you can close your mind or you can open it up.

"Everyone loves to hate the Government and councils... (but) we are working our little butts off."