A man who moved to Whanganui so family could care for him during a serious illness was convicted of two driving charges at Whanganui District Court this week.

Garry Cane admitted a charge of driving while disqualified and driving with excess blood alcohol.

Cane is disqualified from driving indefinitely. His lawyer, Jamie Waugh, said this was Cane's first driving conviction in 20 years. "He has recently moved from Wellington so family can help support him during a battle with cancer," Mr Waugh said.

Judge Dugald Matheson fined Cane $500 plus court costs, and disqualified him from driving for one year and one day.



A woman who stole ingredients for a birthday cake for one of her children was convicted in the Whanganui District Council this week.

Charmaine Katrina Forsman was caught with just under $20 of vanilla essence and chocolate products at Pak N Save Whanganui.

Her laywer, Richard Leith, said his client had wanted to make a birthday cake for one of her children, but could not afford the ingredients.

"He knows that what she's done is wrong, and she is very embarrassed by it," Mr Leith said.

Judge Dugald Matheson ordered Forsman to come up before the court if required.


A Whanganui woman who tried to walk out of Pak N Save with more than $600 of groceries was sentenced to 40 hours community work at the Whanganui District Court this week.

Judge Dugald Matheson said Kura Moata Jules Brooks attempted with walk out with the trolley full of groceries when the cashier left the check-out briefly.

However, Brooks was stopped by supermarket staff. No reparations were sought as all the groceries were recovered.


Whanganui MP Chester Borrows is next scheduled to appear in the Whanganui District Court on a charge of careless driving causing injury on October 17 at 2.15pm.

The charge relates to an incident that happened at a protest against the TPP outside Whanganui's Collegiate Motor Inn in Liverpool St on March 22.

Borrows pleaded not guilty to the charge at a court appearance in August.


A man who backed a car out of a driveway while he was disqualified from driving has been sentenced to 40 hours community work.

Wiremu Tewehenga Thompson moved the car so a trailer could be delivered to the property.

As he was doing so the police drove past and recognised him as a disqualified driver.


A man who grabbed a phone off his former partner was sentenced to four months in prison and six months supervision at the Whanganui District Court this week.

Joshua Robert Drewery faced one charge of common assault and one of breaching a protection order.

Judge Dugald Matheson said Drewery got into an argument with the victim and grabbed her wrist, taking her phone out of her hand.

Judge Matheson noted that Drewery had breached a protection order five times, and had a long history of domestic violence and drugs convictions. "The offence involved actual or implied violence, and there was a child in the house," Judge Matheson said.

He started with a six-month sentence and gave Drewery two months off for his early guilty plea.