The Wanganui Surf Lifeguard Service wants to show you behind the scenes of the "best summer job you could have".

The club is holding an open day this Sunday in a bid to sign up people for this summer's patrols at Castlecliff and Kai Iwi beaches.

Recruits need to be at least 14 and able to swim 400m in nine minutes.

Wanganui Surf Lifeguard Service promotions officer Melanie Miller said the open day would be a chance for people to learn about the service and what it does.


"We've got a whole lot of new equipment which we want to show off as well."

Mrs Miller said they wanted as many people as possible signed up for the coming summer.

"It's a bit difficult to tell (how many we need) at the moment because a lot of them are at university and it depends who's coming back," she said.

"We want as many as possible because we want to offer the chance for them to go into surf comps."

Lifeguards begin their training next week and there was time for new recruits to be trained by December when patrols begin.

"For people who can swim 300m, we can get them up to 400m."

The current crop of lifeguards recommended joining the patrol.

"It's probably the best summer job you could have. It's a huge family," lifeguard Samantha Miller said.

Clarissa Nowak said: "you have a of responsibility but you learn a lot".

The open day will run from 10am to about 12pm on Sunday at the clubrooms at the bottom on Rangiora St at Castlecliff Beach.