When printmaker Desiree Singer moved to Marton in 2013, she was delighted by the bird life she encountered in her new home.

"We came from Wellington because we wanted a more relaxed lifestyle - and no mortgage. There were lots of tui and kereru everywhere - it was just amazing!" Ms Singer said.

Now settled in the Rangitikei, and with her own home studio set up, Ms Singer is incorporating that bird life into her art practice.

Ms Singer's latest exhibition, Inked Up, is currently showing at the Marton Barber's Art Gallery.


Featuring monoprints, woodcuts, drypoint etching and other styles, the theme of birds and flowers runs through the exhibition.

Ms Singer began painting in 2003, and is mostly self-taught. She moved into printmaking in 2011. She studied for three terms at Inverlochy House in Wellington.

The Marton Barber's Art Gallery is located on High St, Marton. It's still a working barber shop. The gallery was originally started by owner Lynley Benson-Means as a way of making the shop's waiting room more appealing.

The gallery is now curated by John and Lise Archbold, and features artists with a local connection.

Inked Up closes on September 3.