What can you achieve in a minute?

Youth worker Charity Davis had a few ideas and on the last day of the holidays she organised some fun activities for children attending the Taihape Youth Hutt holiday programme.

"I don't often get to sit down at home with the whanau and watch TV at home but on one occasion where I did, I saw a programme where people had to complete challenges in 60 seconds and I thought it would be great for the kids."

The volunteer worker approached local businesses for sponsorship and New World, McDonald's, Farmlands, Paper Plus, Spaceys Video World and HYPE Academy Ltd all pitched in.

TOP BOY: Nikau Bennett shows his winning style at the balloon and cup challenge.
TOP BOY: Nikau Bennett shows his winning style at the balloon and cup challenge.

Blowing up balloons and using the air to blow cups off a table or stacking them into pyramids were two of the one-minute challenges which earned prizes for contestants.

"They got two 'lives' so if they didn't manage it the first time they got a second chance," said Ms Davis.

Hype Academy director Nathan Kane said the 20 children competing in the 10 challenges had a fantastic time and the overall winners were Nikau Bennett and Hoani Herewini-Dygas from Taihape.

"There was lots of laughter and joking as everyone tried to complete each of the 10 activities within a minute each.

"A large number of parents and community came along to join in the fun and spend some quality whanau time watching the kids participate.

"Everyone had a ball and enjoyed the fabulous spread that was catered for by the locals."
He said the next event is already being discussed by the children who participated.