Timothy Rowe has a new found respect for New Zealand's MPS.

Until he spent a week as a Youth MP for Whanganui had no idea how hard they worked.

"I just have so much respect for them now. They are very busy people."

Timothy, a former Whanganui High School student now studying law, said he was particularly indebted to Whanganui PM Chester Borrows for his time and guidance.


"It was the most amazing experience. I didn't know what to expect and now I would recommend it to anybody."

Timothy and the other 120 Youth MPs spent time in select committees, listening to Question Time in Parliament and having their own discussions in the debating chamber.

His own speech was advocating for the legalisation of euthanasia.
He also found the select committee work engrossing.

He was attached to the commerce select committee which was discussing digital technology in New Zealand and public access to a good service.

"It was all totally enjoyable though really stressful."

"We were busy rushing round and trying to complete everything."

He spent quite a bit of time with Mr Borrows, going to meetings and events and has also driven round the Whanganui electorate with the MP.
"It gave me a good idea of what MPs have to do."

And the 64 million dollar question - does he want to be an MP?
"Everyone asked me that. I don't know. It would be an exciting thing to do as a job. And if I every had such an opportunity that would be amazing."