The woman who caused a "spectacular" crash on Bell Street back in February was found to have drugs in her system at the time.

Kylie Melissa Swan, 32, was driving on February 1 when she fell asleep at the wheel, according to her lawyer, Anna Brosnahan.

It was 11.28pm and Swan was heading home, but as she entered Bell Street, she veered into the opposite lane and continued travelling "at speed", a police summary of facts said.

Swan's car mounted the kerb and struck a fence.


"The defendant's vehicle became airborne after striking the fence, and crashed into a shed at another Bell Street property. The vehicle hit with such force that the rear end was lifted into the air and tyre marks were visible on the spouting on one of the properties. The vehicle came to a stop in the driveway and was extensively damaged."

There was no indication Swan had braked at any time.

At the time, Whanganui Fire Service senior station officer Bryce Coneybeer said the crash "must have been very spectacular".

Swan was taken to hospital and a blood sample was taken. It revealed she had methamphetamine and tramadol in her system.

She was also driving in breach of her restricted licence.

"In explanation the defendant stated she remembered turning on to Bell Street and feeling an impact," the summary of facts said.

Swan couldn't remember how she crashed into the shed.

She pleaded guilty in the Whanganui District Court to careless driving and driving under the influence of drugs.

On Tuesday, Judge Patrick Treston fined her $500, $130 court costs, $652.63 for the blood analysis, and disqualified her from driving for six months.