Whanganui Fire Brigade members were "humbled" by the community's support for their 150th jubilee celebrations.

"The really big thing for us is, I think we're more in touch with the community now than ever," station officer Shane Dudley said.

"We're actually quite humbled by the support."

The weekend's celebrations - including a parade and a formal ball - were a hit on Saturday.


Mr Dudley said more than 320 people came to the ball. The number included more than 200 members of the fire service, past and present.

Operational support Senior Station Officer Bryan Barkla said people were still hanging about the station on Sunday.

"There were still people here on Sunday afternoon chewing the fat up at the bar for ages."

Fire Chief Bernie Rush said it had been interesting to talk to some of the old hands.

None of the firefighters were too hungover in the morning after the ball, they said, though "some of the members of the public probably had a few", according to Mr Barkla.

Mr Dudley said there were a few people "cutting loose on the old dance floor".

The on-duty firefighters were able to attend the ball, and 15 minutes after returning to the station that night they received a call for a house fire near Maxwell.

He said one of the highlights was the "atmosphere" of the weekend.

Mr Dudley enjoyed seeing the "newer guys interacting with the old boys".

"It's the same but different," he said, noting how the fire trucks changed over the years.

"The paint job's different, they still pump water, don't they?"

Mr Dudley, who Mr Rush dubbed a "fire station brat", spoke of growing up at the fire station in Hawera, where his father worked. He had enjoyed hearing others talk about growing up in fire brigade flats.

The brigade wanted to thank the community for its support during the celebrations.

They also received two plaques for the brigade, one from the New Zealand Fire Service Commission and one from the United Fire Brigade Association.