Tree gallery has gone crazy for vases.

Its current exhibition, Vase, runs at the Moutoa Quay gallery [along from the i-Site] until June 4.

Twelve artists contributed vases for the exhibition and they come in all shapes and sizes - from a tiny polka-dot one by Laura Pearce to a huge textured one by Andrea du Chatenier.

"It was a good opportunity to take on some artists who are new to the gallery," co-owner Emma Camden said. The new artists include Janet Green and Ms du Chatenier.


"This is a little bit different for us. Last year we just sold artwork; this year we're doing exhibitions as well."

The gallery's first exhibition was work by co-owner Angela Tier, and the next one will feature the work of photographer Emma Bass.

The artists taking part in the exhibition include Andrea du Chatenier, Jinho Jeong, Merilyn Wiseman, Laura Pearce, Richard Parker, Janet Green, Renee Boyd, Steve Fullmer, Cheryl Lucas, Paul Maseyk, Aaron Scythe, David Murray and Ross Mitchell-Anyon.

-Tree is open Thursday and Friday 10am to 2pm, and Saturday 9am -2pm.