It's youth week at the Marton Library, and the theme is board games.

Organiser librarian Jody Burt said board games were now relics of the past for most children.

To try and entice the local youth into play, Jody put up a large notice on the library window which said in capitals: "The internet is made up of cats" The next line read, "So now that I have your attention please come and play our board games or bring one of your own."

Jody also asked young people whether they were over connected, had trouble with zero tasking, had had enough of Facebook diarrhoea or if they were suffering from phone grinning.


She said she's hoping that, when the young people come into the library after school this week, they'll give the games a go and not just head straight for a computer.

Some of the board games on offer, she admits, are a bit old and and worn.

"But look - they're still fun."

The games include Monopoly, Operation, Cluedo, Ludo, Scotland Yard and Tiddliwinks.

"I know it's not going to appeal to all the kids, but I just thought it is something different and they can have a lot of fun.

"So here's hoping they come in and try it. I'm here to help and play."