An Aramoho man has told the Whanganui District Council a stretch of Somme Parade through the suburb is in need of a spruce-up.

And Murray Woodhouse says it won't require any further ratepayer money.

Submitting to the council's annual plan this week Mr Woodhouse said the Whanganui River was a major asset in the city but the view of it on a stretch of Somme Pde past the rail bridge was obstructed by trees and other growth.

The area of concern was from Aramoho Rowing club to Quick Ave.


"The growth is so rampant and unchecked that for the vast majority of the 2.7km drive you cannot see the Whanganui River, let alone be impressed by the power and majesty of the river itself."

"I do not believe that this is a massively big project. It is a maintenance project that could be completed over a few years within existing budgets," he said.

"The result would be a more customer friendly, scenically dramatic and well used river bank with wonderful views of our river as we drive the length of Somme Pde."

Mr Woodhouse also wanted council to address slumping in the road between Roberts Ave and Cumbrae Place.

"The final drive that most of you will take will be up Somme Pde ... I would like your friends and family to say what a lovely drive that was to the Aramoho Cemetery. "