A picture is starting to emerge of what the Castlecliff Rejuvenation Project could do for the Whanganui suburb.

Led by Progress Castlecliff, the project was launched last year with a consultation phase. Six months later plans and drawings are ready to be put to the public.

After two public meetings last year, improved core services and beautification were seen as priorities by the community, with the Rangiora St gateway to the beach the priority area.

The initial artist's impression of Rangiora St focuses on exotic plants and art installations which will complement the natural "wild west coast" aesthetic found closer to the beach. Narrowing the road and bringing pedestrians to the area are also part of the plans. The artist's impressions include space for a civic hub where public facilities such as internet and council services could be based.


"I think this fits with what the community said in terms of making it look nicer and more inviting," Progress Castlecliff committee member Jamie Waugh said.

The plans will be discussed at a public meeting at Castlecliff School on May 26.

"Anything can change at the moment," Mr Waugh said.

"At the moment we've done the best that we can with what the community's given us but it's community driven."

Mr Waugh said the work on the top three blocks of Rangiora St could be done within current budgets in the next 18 months.

He said the plans would help the council to carry out the work based on what the community wanted.

"They've got the skills in-house in terms of turning that into reality."

Mr Waugh said that at the May 26 meeting the public will also be updated on the overall plan for Castlecliff and progress on the cycleway and the port and boat ramp upgrades.

-The public meeting on the Castlecliff Rejuvenation Project will be held at Castlecliff School at 5.30pm on May 26.