Five-year-old Keegan Jordan-Johnson is a boy of few words when asked what he likes about planes.

"I like flying," said Keegan, one of a crowd of people gathering to see the Grumman Avenger and Venom jet at the airport yesterday.

The 150-odd people who showed up were able to get a close look at the planes.

Wanganui Aero Club committee member Leroy Johnston said the Avenger performed an aerial display and the Spitfire flew overhead.


"It was a really good day - the aerial display was amazing."

Keegan's mother, Kylie Jordan, said her son loved planes, trucks and especially trains.

"The Aero Club have done a few things lately which is really good," she said.

"I was just saying how neat it is they've opened it up.

"It's really good they've got someone here to be on the tarmac."

She said not many people got to be "all up-close and personal" with the planes.