Trevor Strong's long service as Wanganui Events Trust chairman was celebrated with a farewell party at Cooks Gardens last week, an event he says he thoroughly enjoyed.

Mr Strong said he was working up to 16 hours a day during the 2015 Masters' Games in Whanganui last year and although he found it enjoyable, it was tiring.

"I have been with the trust for more than 15 years now and it has been such a great thing to be involved with.

"I have loved working with all the local competitors and meeting all the out-of-town and overseas competitors.


"It is such a great thing for Whanganui because it brings people in and shows them what the place has to offer and of course it's good for business," he said.

Mr Strong praised the efforts of Whanganui District Councillors and staff in supporting the Masters' Games and said he formed an especially strong friendship with former WDC chief executive Kevin Ross.

"The volunteers have been fantastic over the years.

"Whanganui people are very good at volunteering - they really get behind things."

Sharing the night with Mr Strong was another long-time Masters' stalwart Leigh Grant, who did not get a proper send-off when he resigned from the Wanganui Events Trust a couple of years ago.

"It was good to share the night with Leigh because he was involved for a very long time too and there was so much going on when he resigned."

Mr Strong said he now looks forward to devoting more time to taking care of his family and being with his grandchildren while enjoying great memories.