The final plan for the Castlecliff Rejuvenation Project is on its way, but organisers are taking the time to get it right.

Led by Progress Castlecliff, the project was launched last year with a final plan expected last month.

After two meetings last year, improved core services and beautification were seen as priorities by the community, with the Rangiora St gateway to the beach the priority area.

"They wanted it to be a unique, inspiring gateway to the beach," Progress Castlecliff's Jamie Waugh said.


A third meeting, originally set down for February, was to present an action plan, but Mr Waugh said drawing up the final and complete plan had become a bigger job than first thought.

However, he insisted the project was definitely moving forward.

"It's important to get the planning right now so we don't hit roadblocks down the track," he said.

"The third meeting is still going to be about presenting all the ideas as one actual plan and also that first step plan for Rangiora St."

In the meantime, Craig Pocock from Pocock Design Environment will be meeting with stakeholders to discuss and lend his weight to the plan.

"We'll be getting together all the people that need to be involved in allowing something really major to happen," Mr Waugh said.

"He does that step between what the community wants and actually getting it done."

Mr Waugh now expected to present a completed plan to the public towards the middle of the year.

Meanwhile, other projects such as painting the Duncan Pavilion and the planning of the surf club refurbishment were under way.

The group has $225,000 to work with and will seek other funding over coming months.