Organisers of the yearly Easter Explorer hunt at the Whanganui Regional Museum were stunned at the record numbers coming through their doors this year.

Anne Lovell, who works front of house at the museum, said about 650 people came through on Saturday, the first day of the year they were holding the popular children's event.

"They have to go around the museum and find the numbers," Ms Lovell said.

"At the end of it they will get a small chocolate treat."


Last year on the first day of the hunt, they had closer to 200 or 300 people come through, she said.

"Saturday was absolutely fantastic. We over-exceeded our numbers."

Weather was "a bit drizzly", which helped drive people inside.

Ms Lovell said they had been holding the Easter Explorer hunt for about four or five years.

Mum Rachel Williamson was taking her daughter Emily around on Monday.

"She loves doing the searches," she said.

The hunt was held from Saturday to Monday.