The winners of the raft race on the weekend have donated their winnings to charity.

The Farmers Rescue Chopper team were first in the river raft race on Saturday, winning a $300 prize.

"The raft that won, they donated their winnings back to Plunket," co-organiser Shar Atkin told the Chronicle.

Money made from the race, which was set up by Daniel Goldsworthy, is all being donated to Plunket.


Mr Goldsworthy said they had raised close to $2000.

"It was pretty awesome," he said.

His favourite thing was the number of spectators showing up and lining the river to watch.

People on the riverbanks laughed and some got wet as the Coastguard got into a large-scale water fight with raft 22, the Nautical Bogans.

"They both had water cannons and had a good fight," Ms Atkin said.

"I think they got some of the crowd at the same time."

One team's raft capsized, and the group had to be plucked out of the water.

Ms Atkin said the spirit of the day was a highlight, and they were looking forward to making the competition "bigger and better" next year.

They had a small hiccup at the beginning when contestants began the race too early and had to be stopped so Coastguard could explain the rules to them.

The giant inflatable duck that appeared in the river a week ago to advertise the race was pulled out of the water at 5pm on Saturday.

"There were people down there taking photos with it," Ms Atkin said.

"It became very popular, didn't it?"

She wanted to thank everyone involved in making the race happen, including businesses that had donated prizes.