A woman appeared in court this week after her unregistered dog attacked a courier.

The victim was delivering items to Rebecca Hamilton's property in December when she was attacked, the Whanganui District Court heard yesterday.

Raukawa Simon, who represented the Whanganui District Council, said Hamilton's 9-month-old pitbull, Buster, was unregistered at the time.

The victim came to the front door and placed parcels on the doorstep, knocking on the door before turning to go, Ms Simon said.


But as she walked back down the path, the front door opened, and two dogs came running out, one of which was Buster.

The victim tried to get off the property and close the gate, but couldn't manage it, and Buster grabbed her lower left arm.

He also bit the victim's lower right arm, leaving "six puncture wounds" and a torn tendon, Ms Simon said.

Hamilton was unable to restrain Buster.

He was later put down.

Hamilton pleaded guilty to owning a dog that attacked a person.

Judge Dugald Matheson remanded her to April 19 for sentencing, and ordered the matter be referred to Restorative Justice.