As the first week of school comes to an end, police are reminding parents to be safe while driving around school areas.

"Our staff will be out in the mornings and in the afternoons around different schools during the next couple of weeks, just keeping an eye on traffic flow and making sure that our kids are getting to school safely," said Senior Sergeant Andrew McDonald.

Parents are reminded to ensure they allow plenty of time to drop children off at school and to avoid double-parking, parking near crossings, or in no-parking areas.

"The issues that constantly pop up are the old stories of parents wanting to park as close as they can to the gate, which creates a traffic hazard for the school and ultimately for the visibility of the pedestrians in and near the school.


"In general, people are really good with these things," he said.

Parents should also be aware their children might rush across the road to see them after a long day at school, so waiting for them at the school gate might be a good idea.

He also reminded people that getting to and from work might take a little longer with school traffic, and if people wanted to leave for work five minutes early or start five minutes late it would help with congestion on the bridges.

Mr McDonald also encouraged parents to walk their children to school if able.

"If parents can walk their kids to school we do encourage that in this weather, because it teaches the kids road safety awareness and it's also an opportunity for you to have a good conversation with your kids."

He said parents with children could say hello to police officers if they saw them out. "They like talking to kids."